Straight up Fitness

Straight up STRETCH & FLEX
with Paige

July 14 (Sunday)
at 11:00 am

Class length
60 minutes

12209-15 Carson st Hawaiian Gardens

Welcome to Straight Up Stretch and Flex! This pop-up class is designed to challenge your flexibility and mobility, pushing you to your limits in a safe and effective way.

In this hour-long session, we'll kick things off with dynamic stretching and mobility exercises to warm up your body and muscles. These movements are crucial for preparing your body for deeper stretches and improving your range of motion.

We'll then move into static stretching, focusing on lengthening and strengthening your muscles to enhance flexibility and performance. This is not a class for relaxation—be prepared to work hard and push your boundaries.

Key Highlights:
- Dynamic Stretching: Warm-up and mobility exercises to prepare your body.
- Static Stretching:*Deep, focused stretches to improve flexibility and muscle strength.
- Intense Routine:An hour dedicated to pushing your flexibility and mobility limits.
- All Levels Welcome: Suitable for all fitness levels, with modifications provided to ensure everyone is challenged safely.

Join us and discover the power of a comprehensive stretching routine that will take your flexibility and mobility to new heights. See you there!


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